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The legend says that many years ago here, in the Barite locality, lived an old landlord with his three sons. His wealth was unparalleled. People say that the stars in the sky were less than the number of his sheep. His greatest riches, however, were his three sons. Strong and brave men, they helped their father in everything, loved each other and lived in harmony .

Thus , in harmony and love passed the days and followed the years. However, there came the day when the landlord, already very old, was on his deathbed. The sons at once forgot about the brotherly love . They started quarrelling how to divide the property – each one believed the other got more . They decided that only one would inherit everything, and that he would be the one their father chooses . The old man's heart sank with his sons' request, and was torn by the sight of his children quarrelling in the last hours of his life .

Instead of a reply he gave them a commission .

He wanted them to make three pools so that the water which came from the spring filled the first, the first spilled over into the second, and the second into the third .

The sons were at a loss, but decided to fulfil their father's last will. And so they did .
Once everything was ready, their father made them plug the spillway from the first pool to the second, so that the water would fill only the first one. No sooner said than done .

Not much time passed and the second and the third pool dried out, and first one overfilled, its walls could not endure and it was destroyed .

The father looked at his children and said, “ If I gave my love to only one of you, it would destroy him as it is too strong for only one heart . Don't break the sacred bond between you, as you will dry out just like these two pools. Learn the lesson from my words, my sons, love each other and never again make your father's heart divide ! “

The sons realised their mistake , embraced each other , fell to their knees before their father and asked his forgiveness with tears in their eyes .

The old man granted his forgiveness , smiled and passed away in peace .

The three pools in the Barite locality keep the legacy of the father to date, and remind the generations that no wealth equals brotherly love .
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