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The village of Chernevo keeps various national customs, which the group for authentic folklore at the “Zora” community centre interprets very attractively – carol singing, St. Lazar's Day dancing, mummery, Enyovden (Midsummer Day), etc.

The Custom of Enyov Day (Midsummer Day). A traditional summer ritual holiday. On this day at early dawn before sunrise both the young and the old start to the highest place in the village to meet the sunrise. Herbs are gathered for good health. On Midsummer's day they have the most curative power. A young child, dressed in long white attire, with a herbal wreath on the head, is the symbol of the holiday. The child is called Enyovche . Everybody meets the sunrise, which overturns three times, with waving of the hands. Herb in hand, they all head to the church, and afterwards the maids begin to sing and visit in turn the houses to wish health and rich harvest . Only on Enyov day the maiden may join the ring dance without her parents and do the “colourful” ring dance – the maiden dancing next to the lad. This is during the harvest season. The holiday ends with the village square full of people and joy until noon, and afterwards everyone goes harvesting .
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