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The ethnographic complex not only exhibits the national traditions, but it enables every visitor to become a part of them and feel the spirit of national lifestyle.

Breeding sheep also developed the basics, necessary in the Bulgarians' lifestyle. The sheared wool was washed and carded to become fluffier. It was divided into distaff-fuls, which were folded with an interesting little belt to the distaff and with the help of the spindle a thread was extracted from the distaff with the necessary for the housewife thickness. This was called spinning .

In each house there was a loom, as each family had to make fabric for clothes, fabric for covering, and fabric for winter covering – cherga . The spun threads from the spindle were coiled on a wooden crutch, and then they were dyed and afterwards were coiled on bobbins with different colours , which were installed on the so-called shuttles. Spinning is an art that the woman in the Bulgarian family knew well. Wonderful combinations of colours, hues and pictures came from her hands, taken from the nature and lifestyle of the people surrounding her .

Fulling mill. "The water is clean, the shirt – white, and the soap intact". By rolling the wool fabrics they become softer and gain a fluffy surface. Later the facility was employed for washing, which was done without the use of soap or detergents.

Pottery is connected with the utensils that are necessary in housekeeping. One of the most ancient methods of making earthenware is demonstrated here, with the help of a potter's wheel. A special mixture called potter's clay was moulded, then baked and afterwards craftsmen painted on the little bowls, plates, earthen jugs, and other vessels. Thus they were ready to enter the people's homes .

Ironmongery was necessary because of the tools and labour implements necessary for land cultivation: the plough , hoe , spade , axe, etc .

Carpentry as a craft is connected with the furnishing of the Bulgarian house, the labour implements also needed wood, processed in a certain way, depending on its purpose .
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